Season 1 Winner: Todd Howard          Season 2 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 3 Winner: Lindsay Bowlin          Season 4 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 5 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 6 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 7 Winner: Sherry Henderson          Season 8 Winner: Tina Howard          Season 9 Winner: Charlie Horne          Season 10 Winner: Tina Howard          Season 11 Winner: Kathy Williams          Season 12 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 13 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 14 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 15 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 16 Winner: Todd Howard          Season 17 Winner: Brian Thompson          Season 18 Winner: ERIC RAMSEY          Season 19 Winner: Lindsay Bowlin         

Felting Hendo Poker Wall Papers

There has been some requests for Felting Hendo Wallpapers that I've been making for each season. I make them myself in an effort to learn Photoshop editing, and to have images that I prefer, over images that I could download. I will be posting links to those wallpapers here for you to download (provided that I can find them all).

Felting Hendo Points Calculator

I have made a points calculator for Android devices. This calculator is designed to work with the points formula that we use at FHP. It's simple to use, and can help you plan your game strategy to climb the points ladder.

Download FHP Points Calculator here

You will have to allow your Android device to download from "Unknown Sources". Do this by going into settings, and the Security.