Season 1 Winner: Todd Howard          Season 2 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 3 Winner: Lindsay Bowlin          Season 4 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 5 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 6 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 7 Winner: Sherry Henderson          Season 8 Winner: Tina Howard          Season 9 Winner: Charlie Horne          Season 10 Winner: Tina Howard          Season 11 Winner: Kathy Williams          Season 12 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 13 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 14 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 15 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 16 Winner: Todd Howard          Season 17 Winner: Brian Thompson          Season 18 Winner: ERIC RAMSEY          Season 19 Winner: Lindsay Bowlin         

Contact Us

Players can contact me via email at anytime. If you're not a member of the league and would like to be, or you would like to be placed on the list for one of the cash games, please feel free to email us.

Felting Hendo Poker is a commitment. To play in the league, you need to commit yourself to the 8 game season. We understand that life can get in the way of things, so we don't frown at someone having to miss a game (see the rules page for missing a game). However, once a season starts, players cannot be subsituted in or out, as it throws off the point system and disrupts the standings.

Once you're a member of the league, you get registration preference for following seasons, and off-season games. If you haven't played a season, you're still eligible to play in any and all off-season games if you're on the mailing list. To get on the list, pleas click on the "Contact Us" link below. If a seat comes open for the league, I first go to the mailing list to fill the seat. If no one on the list can make the commitment to play in the league, then I go outside of FHP to recruit players. So it's best to be on the list, if you want to play in the league.

Click here to contact us!