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You must be employed to play in FHP. This has been an unwritten rule for at least 10 seasons now, and I figured that since I was re-writing the website, I might as well add it in here.

I have removed players from the active listing due to not having a job, so this isn't a new thing. Here's the deal... if you are not working, I don't want you spending your money at my game. It's simply a moral issue with me. I can't in good conscience, put you in a position to pay a buy-in when your finances may be tight. There's always the next season when you can get back in once you have employment.

If you lose your job in the middle of a season, you will have to forfeit your seat for that season. Let me know via phone or email. My announcement to the players will simply be..."that you had to bow out for now". As I beleive in personal discretion, no other details are necessary.

This rule is at my discretion (the TD)


Felting Hendo Poker was put together so that friends could enjoy friends in a competitive setting. Honesty and good sportsmanship, are the two most important aspects of our games. Since it is a social game for adults, alcohol is in play. If an individual gets too drunk and starts to slow down the game, becomes argumentative, or makes others feel uncomfortable...that person will be asked to leave, and will lose their buy-in money. If it happens twice, that person will be elliminated from the league.

Even though the game is a social event, it is still a highly competitive event with money on the table. Having fun in the game is strongly encouraged, but the game can and does get intense. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are not holding up a game due to socializing, eating or drinking.


This is a touchy topic. Playing with your phone at the table tends to delay the game. I have been asked by numerous people to have the phones removed from the table. I'm not at that point just yet, but there are some simple guide-lines that I would like followed...

If you're listing to music on your headphones, it's all good. If you are communicating with work/babysitter/family/friend on important business, its all good. If you are playing a game, or just chatting with someone for the sake of chatting... that is NOT good.

For the sake of common courtesy, and keeping the game moving along, please...leave the phone in your pocket/purse/car or on the counter.



If someone accidentally rakes in someone's cards, that person has to put in another full set of blinds (large and small).


If someone puts in chips to call a blind after the blind has been raised, their chips are forfeit OR the player must CALL the raise.


This is a MONEY league! Each game has a $20 buy-in. $10 of that buy-in goes to the bank, and will accumulate throughout the entire season. At the end of the season, that bank total is what those in the Championship Game will play for. The remaining $10 will be used in the nightly pot. The "House" does not take any money for itself, for any reason! So, the more people that play, the larger the pots get to be.

UPDATE: As of Season 13, all players approved a $100 widthdrawal from the accumulated bank to pay for prizes. If any monies are left over from the purchase of prizes, that money gets put back in the bank to be added to the next seasons championship game purse.


Felting Hendo Poker tournaments use the "Rotating Dealer" system, which means, instead of moving the button to denote the dealer, the deck moves so that each player deals in succesion.

The Dealer is responsible for making change; ensuring that the pot is right; makes all judgement calls; is responsible for all aspects of the hand that they are dealing. If the Tournament Director is called in, the Dealer lays out the scenario and will then make the deciding call. The DEALER runs the table!


As this is a social event, there will be food and drinks available. Please be courteous to your host(s) by ensuring that you clean up after yourself. It is also a competitive environment, so please respect your fellow players by making sure that you are at your seat when the cards are dealt. If you are not at your seat after the deal, your hand is automatically mucked...even if you are in the blinds.



It is not cool. It is not stylish. It is not anything, but annoying!


For each game, each player will begin with 50 points. Each player can gain more points by knocking out an opponent. Points are then subtracted from each player when they are taken out of the game. The number of points subtracted is equal to three times the exiting position of that player. Newly added was additional points are gained for every player that you outlast in a game. The point formula changes periodically only to have a more positive affect on the season.


You are allowed to miss two games of regular season play and still be able to play in the Satellite game. However, missing a game will now give you minus 10 points (-10) for that game.


In case of bad weather, yet the came is still called as "ON", the game will be played IF a minimum of 8 players show up for the game. If 8 players show up for the game, then those that DO NOT show up will get penalized the minus 10 (-10) points for a missed game, however, they will not be penalized for a missed game, as it relates to the ability to play in the Satellite Game. If 8 players do not show up, then the game will be rescheduled for the following Friday, or at the next available Friday where weather is not a factor, prior to the Satellite Game.

If the game is called "OFF", then the game will be rescheduled for the following Friday, or at the next available Friday where weather is not a factor, prior to the Satellite Game.

If Game 8 is called due to weather, then Game 8 will be reschedule for the next day (Saturday), provided the weather permits. Otherwise, the Satellite Game AND the Championship Game will be postponed for a week to accommodate the reschedule of Game 8.


If you have to leave in the middle of a game for whatever reason, you MUST turn in your chips to the tournament director. If you don't, and get caught donking off your chips, you will be removed from the game and you will received minus 10 points(-10) for that game. Your buy-in is not refundable.


All events begin at 7:00 PM, unless otherwise stated. If you are a food provider for that event, you are requested to be on location by 6:45 PM. The Poker game will begin at at 7:30 PM. This will allow for all players to get some food prior to the start of the game, as well as allow extra leigh-way for those that may have unexpectedly had to work a little late. It is each players personal responsibility to notify the Tournament Director via phone, if they are going to be late. If a players buy-in is not posted prior to 7:30 PM, a player will be able to buy-in as late as the duration of the first round of blinds. After the first blind level, the game is officially closed off to all late comers. If a call has been made to the Tournament Director for late arrival, it is at the discretion of the TD to allow for later entrance.


This game does require a $20 buy-in for all eligible participants, and that buy-in goes directly into the Championship Game pot. Eligible participants are players that have attended at least 6 out of the 8 regular league games. Any player that has missed more than 2 regular league games will not be eligible.

The Satellite Game is different from the normal league games, in that it is a shorter, more fast paced game. Starting chip amounts will be different, and the blind schedule will be different. There are no points awarded for this game. The last two players in the game are automatically advanced to the Championship.


This game has no cash buy-in amount. After the 8 regular league games are completed, the top 6 in points from those games will automatically advance to the Championship Game. Also, the last two players left in the Satellite Game will advance to the Championship Game, for a final table of 8 players.

The pot for this game is the accumulation of the $10 per player, per game, throughout the regular season. With the 18 player cap., if all players played every game, then the final pot size would be about $1400.00. And if all 12 remaining players play in the Satellite game, the Championship pot has the potential of around $1600.00. 3 places will be paid.


The Tournament Director has the ability to supercede the rules as needed ONLY to provide a more agreeable and/or equitable solution.