Season 1 Winner: Todd Howard          Season 2 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 3 Winner: Lindsay Bowlin          Season 4 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 5 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 6 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 7 Winner: Sherry Henderson          Season 8 Winner: Tina Howard          Season 9 Winner: Charlie Horne          Season 10 Winner: Tina Howard          Season 11 Winner: Kathy Williams          Season 12 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 13 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 14 Winner: Dave Henderson          Season 15 Winner: Marty Rosenburg          Season 16 Winner: Todd Howard          Season 17 Winner: Brian Thompson          Season 18 Winner: ERIC RAMSEY          Season 19 Winner: Lindsay Bowlin         

The Felting Hendo Poker Champions List!

12007-11-272008-04-04Todd Howard
22008-05-072008-08-05Dave Henderson
32009-01-232009-05-15Lindsay Bowlin
42009-07-102009-10-30Dave Henderson
52010-02-052010-06-05Marty Rosenberg
62011-01-072011-04-01Dave Henderson
72011-06-242011-10-14Sherry Henderson
82012-01-132012-05-04Tina Howard
92012-06-152012-10-05Charlie Horne
102013-01-182013-05-04Tina Howard
112013-07-192013-11-02Kathy Williams
122014-01-172014-05-02Marty Rosenberg
132014-07-182014-11-07Marty Rosenberg
142015-01-162015-05-01Dave Henderson
152015-07-102015-10-23Marty Rosenberg
162016-01-292016-09-02Todd Howard
172017-01-132017-05-26Brian Thompson
182018-01-120000-00-00Eric Ramsey
192019-01-112019-04-26Lindsay Bowlin

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